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Understand that planning any event requires you to be a master of many hats!  Don’t stress, you’re in safe hands with Tipi Tents Australia.  Our aim is to equip you with the know how to have an enjoyable lead up to the best tipi event ever!

If you don’t find your answer below, please call for and we will happily answer any questions.

General Information Bookings & Payment Choosing a Tipi Event Enhancements Setup & Packdown




What locations do you cover?

We are currently based in Queensland. Tipi tent Australia will consider travelling anywhere along the east coast of Australia. A secondary base will be up and running in Victoria and will be in full operation by late 2023.

Depending on how far out your location and package chosen, travel cost may apply. The travel cost will be calculated and quoted once you have decided on your location.



What happens after I’ve made an enquiry?

When you first contact us, you should expect to receive an initial phone call from one of our friendly team members. This will then be promptly followed by an email and draft quotation. We like to give you a call just to touch base and introduce ourselves, and to really get a feel for the type of event you’re planning. The date, location, guest numbers, and budget are all elements we need to understand so that we can pop the appropriate information across to you.

I’m just starting out with my event plans - how soon do I have to have every detail finalised?

The best thing about events is how often the grow, shift and evolve. You won’t need to worry if you haven’t got all the details sorted just yet. We’ll encourage you to focus on moulding your perfect event, while we can begin to get to work with even the most basic of plans! Everything with us is flexible and together we’ll help you to tailor your requirements as things change.

How long in advance would you recommend reserving/booking tipis?

From the first point of contact, our team will advise that securing your tipis is incredibly important – even if it’s a few years ahead. This might sound crazy but trust us, we know how quickly dates can fill up, and we want to ensure that your preferred date is guaranteed for your special event. We suggest that you get the Tipi/ Marquee structures booked at least 6 months before the event, and then develop the quote with additional furnishings and accessories.

What is the deposit and payment process?

Once you’ve made the payment, you will receive a booking pack. This contains useful documents such as the deposit receipt, contract of hire, T&Cs, and damage waiver. All you need to do is check over the info, pop your signature where needed, and send it back to us (post or email is fine).

How do we pay?

Our preferred payment method is via electric bank transfer or Cash. You’ll find our bank details on your quotation. We ask that you use a reference made up of your surname/company name and event date this will help us locate the transaction

We also take debit and credit card payments with the appropriate EFT fees added.

I’m worried I will have changes to make after the Initial Booking, Is this ok?

Absolutely! In fact we’d encourage you to explore all of the options, as it might lead to extraordinary elements being introduced into your event. As plans evolve over the coming months, we will continue to advise on the right sized space for your event. It may be that as you add more furnishings, you find that a little more room is needed, so we’ll happily chat about the best ways to maximise your event outcome.

We have plenty of ideas and inspiration for your own unique celebration. From switching-up daytime and evening layouts, to customising your lighting designs, we will do as much as we can to make your day unique.

Can I add items to my order?

If it’s a new tipi/product or increased quantities, we will just need to check stock and confirm this and then we can send through an updated invoice and adjust the deposit required. Balance payments are due 8 weeks prior to the event date and so we’ll be working with you to firm up plans prior to this point.

We’ll also do our best to accommodate any last-minute requests. Our 48-hour cut-off point (before event), gives you the flexibility to finalise any last-minute change/updates. Pop these across, we’ll let you know if it’s feasible/available and share revised costings inc. any extra carriage fees. These changes need to be paid for at the point of order, and then the goods will be booked onto your delivery – easy as that! If it’s a struggle to get the items to you on the confirmed delivery date, we’ll discuss alternative options and agree which is best for all.

Can I cancel items on my order?

Yes. This isn’t a problem. There’s just a few things to consider.

If you’re removing a tipi or other structure/extensions, 6 months or less out of the event a 25% per tipi/structure removed is non-refundable and this amount will be shown on an up-to-date invoice.

Likewise, if you wish to postpone the event, 6 months or less prior to the booked date 25% per tipi/structure postponed will be added to the cost. Additionally, there may be some changes to hire costs for tipis/equipment and these will all be discussed and presented on a revised invoice. Pricing for changes thereafter will be set at current rates.

When is the ideal time to finalise plans?

Around two months before your event date is where all comprehensive plans are put in place, including a detailed layout and finalised quotation. We’ll focus on all aspects of your event, from loos, generators and anything specific to your occasion. Everything will be triple checked giving you the confidence that you’re good to go.



What should I consider when choosing a Tipi site?
  • Does the site have good access for 4x4 vehicles?
  • Is the ground flat and well drained?
  • Does the site have provision of services ie. Power, toilets, water, or are you hiring?
  • Are there any overhead tree branches, powerlines, driveway access, dry ground access etc

If you are unsure at all, we are happy to come and do an obligation free site visit. If the event or space is located far away we can arrange a Facetime or Zoom meeting to conduct inspection.

How big will the space be?

Each Giant Tipi is 10.3 metres in diameter with the sides down, and 13 metres with all the sides raised. Taking that into consideration the total space will depend on your number of guests and your chosen configuration. Check out our Tipis and Configuration page for different layouts and area spaces required.

How many Tipis will I need?

Our Tipis can hold from 16 – 300 guests.

We have 3 different sizes to adapt to your needs.

As an idea each Giant Tipi holds 72 guests seated – Please refer to our configuration and layout plans.



What else do you provide?

Fairy lights inside the tipi and outside of the tipi entrance are included with your Tipi hire.

We also hire tables & bench seat sets to hire.

There is a divine inside fire pit, Festoon lighting and stage setup, extra lighting as required including stage and disco lights. Décor, smoke machines, lasers, and Fireworks.

That right, we hold a Fireworks licence and are more than happy to bring the extra BANG & GLOWING lights to your celebration. All permits and legal requirements - We take care of the paperwork, and will have to ensure the space meets the requirements to fire.

We also hire Sound system, PA system, stage and dance floor.

What do we recommend you look at hiring if necessary?

Our timber Nordic inspired rustic bench seats and table sets are all hand crafted. Made for banquet style and are perfect for 6 to 8 people.

Decorations, the possibility is endless. That’s the best part about a blank canvas. The choice is yours. Please see our product range.

Toilets if necessary, Is power needed or will you need a generator to meet your catering and music needs.

Do you hire heating? Or a Tipi Fire?

Yes, we have a quiet diesel run heater to hire.

We have an open Tipi fire pit to hire. It is important that you are present at hand over with two others to receive proper instruction and safety information.

Do you hire facilities for caterers?

We have a beautiful catering tent available for hire. The catering tent can be attached to the side of a tipi or a standalone tent. Please see images. We highly recommend adding this amazing tent to your package.

What happens when it is warm weather?

If you are from an area with changeable weather, we always recommend a form of heating to keep your guests warm and cosy.

Tipis provide great shade.

In warm weather the sides can be lifted and the smoke caps open to allow warm air to move up and out of the tipis

What is the flooring made of?

Tough washable woven polypropylene matting that matches the look of the tents beautifully.

Do you sell your furniture?

Absolutely, if you fall in love with any of our items, we are happy to discuss. Items that require manufacturing in our warehouse or large quantities orders can also be arranged.

What happens if there is damage or loss?

We understand that sometimes accidents happen. There is a damage waiver allocated to the booking. There is insurance and if required the waiver will be non-refundable. If there is event insurance, we will discuss and choose the best course of action at that time. Please always contact us at the earliest opportunity, and together we can check to see what’s happened, mitigate any further loss and choose the best course of action. We care about all events and always want to get in front of any issues, so we don’t disappoint future bookings.

I have a lot of suppliers involved; can you help co-ordinate the event plans?

Yes! Organising any event usually runs into many suppliers and event people being part of the plans. So with this, our experienced hands will do or best at making sure we’ve got the up-to-minute list of all of your key contacts. Our event team, will help you to think about a timings plan/running order that we will encourage you to share with everyone.

The smoke caps operation.

The smoke caps is essentially the chimney to let the fire smoke out. This easy-care info will be provided to you at handover.

Smoke caps is designed for airflow.



When will you set up and take the tipis up down? And what is needed from me?

The day of your set up will be confirmed a few months before the event. We typically prefer to set up on a Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, and take down on the following Monday/Tuesday .

However, we are sometimes bound by strict requirements set in place by venues. In good time, we’ll together decide on dates that are feasible for all parties.

On the day of set up, we aim to be with you early (to get the most from the day ahead), and one of our dedicated crew members will always give you a call letting you know when they are about an hour away from your location. All we need then is for you to meet us with exact knowledge of the tipis’ location to be present to welcome them upon arrival.

How long does the setup take?

Your total number of tipis, quantity of hired furnishings, and any unique event requirements can vary the total length of time taken to complete the set up.

As a guide, it’s typically around three hours per giant tipi/kung tipi and approx. an hour or so for free-standing smaller structures. Our knowledgeable event planners will have checked this out beforehand and will have given you an estimate on how long the overall build will take. For larger builds, it’s usually one full day and then your outdoor venue will then be ready to dress the following day!

For anything outside of this, we’ll have discussed this early on and helped you to plan your movements around our the finer details and phased delivery of the tipis/furnishings for your event.

How long does it take to dismantle the tipis?

Similarly with set ups, it’s dependent on the scale of the tipis and furnishings to clear. It’s quicker than the set up, but to ensure we’ve given ourselves (and you) time to remove any personal belongings, pack the furniture away, take down the tipis (sad we know), it’s usually the same sort of timeframe.

What is the handover process for the Tipi/ Marquee?

Once the tipis are complete, one of our expert team will take you through the handover process. This is a quick and easy safety briefing covering how to take care of the fire pit, smoke flaps, lights, PA system, and other elements of the tipis or equipment.

We will also meet you on the morning of Pack down to finalise the details.